Newborn Care

tips for newborn baby care

Newborn care is an important topic. Because newborn care has the effect on baby’s future health. Getting know how to behave in that critical period will help parents to protect their baby. You can find tips for newborn baby care at the following lines.

Temperature of Baby Room

Temperature control on the newborn baby is not developed. In order to limit decrease of body temperature of the baby, the suitable temperature has to be determined. For a newborn who has 3 kg weight, ideal room temperature should be between 22-24 Celsius. If the temperature of room exceeds 25-celsius baby has to be worn lightly. Because newborn babies don’t sweat. Rolling them with more clothes increases their body temperature.

Frequency of Breastfeeding

Breast milk is the most trusted and rich feeding method. It contains all necessary nutrition in itself. This nutrition is enough for development and growth of the newborn baby. Breastfeeding should start on the first hour of birth and it should continue every time that baby want. On the first week, if the baby doesn’t suck much, the baby should awaken in 3 or 4 hours intervals for breastfeeding. This is important because it provides increase producing milk for mother and protects baby from hepatitis. You can understand baby’s sufficiency of milk drink by checking his urinate or stools. If the baby drinks enough milk, his stools are yellowish, soft or watery. The stool period can differ from 1 to 10 times a day. This is normal and not supposed to be diarrhea. Breastfeeding is one of the most important topics of tips for newborn baby care.

Skin Care

Skin is the largest organ of the newborn baby. Parents have to protect hygiene of the baby. The newborn baby’s skin is so delicate and thin. It can be injured easily. If the skin injuries the newborn baby can get infections easily. Especially in the first week of the birth, the skin of the newborn baby can dry. Parents should use baby oils to moistening of the skin. Baby’s clothes should be preferred as cotton.

Fist Bath

The first bath of the baby is important. Healthy newborns can bath in 24 hours. They can bath every day or every other day. Until the dying of umbilical cord, it is recommended to use bath water that first heated then warmed. 2 or 3 days after the dying of umbilical cord, baby can make the normal bath. The bath water temperature should be between 36-37 Celsius degree and room temperature should be between 24-25 Celsius degree. Arranging bath time before breastfeeding prevents baby from vomiting. Drying baby after the bath is also important. It prevents intertrigo.

Nail Cut

The nail of newborn babies is so soft. Fist two months baby can harm himself. Because of that mitten can be worn till the nails can be cut. After first-month baby’s nails can be cut with nail clipper preferably while the baby is sleeping.

Changing the Nappies

Baby’s nappies should be changed frequently in order to prevent intertrigo. Cleaning should be made by water. Parents can lay on olive oil or baby oil around the nappy area. If they see any rash intertrigo creams can be used. Changing the nappies can be rendered as another important topic of the tips for newborn baby care.

Umbilical Cord Care

Until dying of umbilical cord, a care should be continued by using solutions that contain %70 alcohol. The care should be continued two days more after the falling down of the umbilical cord.

These tips for newborn baby care help you to care your baby in comfort. If you follow these basic rules, you and your baby will be in comfort.


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