Third Trimester

third trimester

The third Trimester is the last part of pregnancy. Third trimester pregnancy weeks starts by the 27th week and continues till 40th week, in other words till birth.

Baby’s brain develops speedups on the 27th week. On 28th-week baby begin to store more fat. On 29th week suprarenal gland begins to generate hormones. Lungs continue to develop. These changes may affect mother. Shortness of breath and lack of sleep are side effects of this period.

The baby reaches approximately 15 in and 2 lb on the 30th week. Movement of baby slows down. The primary reason for that is the growth of the baby.

The 31st week is the bone development week. In this week baby needs more calcium. In addition to that amniotic liquid of baby increases. The mother can feel any small movement of the baby easily. These movements sometimes make mother discomfort.

During the third trimester pregnancy weeks, on the 32nd week with the increase of fat, baby’s skin begins to turn from red to pink. The nail structure is completed. On 33rd-week baby’s sense organs continue to develop. Baby begins to sleep regularly.

On the 34th week baby is approximately 16.5 in and 4 lb. Mother begins to produce milk. On 35th-week baby’s lungs are ready. In the case of any early birth, the baby is ready to breathe.

Baby continues to gain weight and positions himself for birth on the 36th week. Baby reaches approximately 5 lb on the 37th week.

The baby’s intestines begin to work on the 38th week. First stools of baby produce in this week. On the 39th week, the baby is 19 in and 6 lb.

The 40th week is the last week of pregnancy and third trimester pregnancy weeks. Everything is ready for birth. Birth starts with the tear of the bladder.

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