The Diarrhea in Pregnancy

The Diarrhea in Pregnancy

The Diarrhea in Pregnancy is a frequent problem in pregnancies. It is basically defined as abnormally watery stools more than three times a day. Sometimes the smell, the color or the consistency of the stools can be different. Even in some cases, the mother can encounter blood in the stool.

Most of the diarrhea in pregnancy stems from gastroenteritis. In other words, it is usually because of an infection of the bowel and is sometimes called a ”tummy bug”, ”food poisoning”, ”the trots” or ”traveler’s diarrhea”. The diarrhea is generally light and sometimes creates mild intestine contractions.

Most of the time the diarrhea is a reaction of the body to dangerous materials in its inside. Most of the time there is no need to apply for a special treatment. Diarrhea ends automatically when the dangerous intake ousted from the body. The gastroenteritis type diarrhea is frequent, especially in the summer.

The gastroenteritis type diarrhea is frequent, especially in the summer. In these type diarrheas to prevent water consumption of the pregnant women is so important. Besides that eating light, digestive foods like boiled potatoes or rice porridge can help healing fast.

But if diarrhea continues more than three days the reason could be more serious infections. In such a situation the pregnant woman should consult a doctor immediately. Also if nausea, fever or vomiting accompanying to diarrhea then the doctor should be visited immediately.

Is the Diarrhea Affects the Baby?

Most of the diarrhea in pregnancy has no effects on the baby. However, if the mother loses much water dehydration can occur.  In that situation, the baby can be affected badly because of dehydration. In order to balance body water, the mother should keep taking water during diarrhea.

How to Cure the Diarrhea?

As I mentioned before most of the pregnancy diarrhea is directly related to the food problem. This kind of diarrheas can diminish in 24 hours. In that process, the most important thing is to intake more water till diarrhea ends.

If the diarrhea during pregnancy is accompanying by fever, vomiting, and nausea then it is better to see your doctor. Because in this type of diarrhea the pregnant women can need antibiotic treatment or serum treatment.

What to Eat to Stop Diarrhea?

In pregnancy diarrhea, the first and most important thing is cleanness of the water. The mother should avoid dirty water.

All the fruits and vegetables should be washed properly or should be soaked in vinegar before consumption. All milk productions should be pasteurized.

The pregnant mother should give special attention to the expiration date of all packaged foods. Besides, food packages with country inspection certificates should be bought.

Any of the raw foods like raw meat, raw egg, raw sausage etc. should not be consumed. These foods can be consumed after cooking.

The hygiene of the foods and the place that the foods processed is critical for the health of the pregnant woman. So creating a hygiene environment in kitchens is essential.

In addition to these during pregnancy diarrhea, light digestive foods have to be consumed. For example, boiled potato, yogurt, apple, banana, carrot, and bread are very beneficial for the diarrhea during pregnancy.  Also, tea or coffee has good effects to stop the diarrhea during pregnancy.

Additional Factors that Effects The Diarrhea in Pregnancy

In addition to above-mentioned factors, also prenatal vitamins can change the hormonal balance and increase diarrhea risk. If you think the diarrhea stemming from prenatal vitamins or other supplementary materials you can stop taking it and check the cause. In such situation, it is better to consult a doctor for alternative supplements.

In this post,  I have tried to explain the diarrhea in pregnancy. If you have any additional info, comment or recommendation please use the comment section below. Your inputs and experience will add value to my post.