Signs or Symptoms of Pregnancy

signs or symptoms of pregnancy

Signs or Symptoms of Pregnancy

As widely known the primary signs or symptoms of pregnancy is the menstrual delay. But some symptoms can herald pregnancy even before the menstrual delay. Although these symptoms can differ from woman to woman, they are usually early signs.

Below you will find common signs or symptoms of pregnancy. Some women can see these signs or symptoms clearly, but some women can suppose them as menstrual signs. Or even some women can never feel these signs. So as I mention it before, these symptoms are common symptoms.  If you don’t feel these symptoms it is not mean you are not pregnant.

The best way to learn about your pregnancy is to take a pregnancy test. The symptoms of pregnancy and menstrual delay give you an idea of taking the pregnancy test.


You can feel dizziness apart from your usual life. Especially after a long standing or after standing from sitting or lying position can make you dizzy. This is because of the widening of blood veins.  Widening of blood veins drops blood pressure and it makes you dizzy.

Nausea and Vomiting

For most women nausea and vomiting is the explicit symptom of pregnancy. Because of the change of hormonal balance, pregnant women can live nausea and vomiting.  Nausea or vomiting can happen especially in the morning. Some pregnant women feel increased susceptibility against the different smell. Most of the times these smells can trigger nausea or vomiting.


After pregnancy, your metabolism prepares itself to support you and your baby. So you can feel yourself tiredness most of the time. In addition to that, some hormones like progesterone can increase tiredness. Because of that, tiredness and the need for sleep are most common signs of pregnancy.

Increase in Appetite or Disgust

Some women can feel an increase in appetite. They feel their self always hungry. Or they eel strong desire for particular foods. Basically, you can want to eat a food that you never want so strongly before or vice versa you can disgust a food that you like very much.

Mild Bleeding

Mild vaginal bleeding can be another symptom of pregnancy. After impregnation, approximately 10 or 15 days later, a mild vaginal bleeding can occur. This bleeding is because of implantation of impregnated egg to the wall of the uterus.

Sometimes it coincides with menstruation bleeding and usually misjudged as menstrual bleeding. But this one is so mild and unexpectedly.

Enlargements in Breasts and Susceptibility

Hormonal changes in mothers body can result in enlargements and susceptibility in breasts. In some cases, even breasts pain can be felt. In addition to this, color change on nipples also is rendered as normal at that period.

Frequent Toilet Requirement

If you are pregnant your normal toilet habit can change abnormally. You can start to visit toilet more frequently. Especially at night, your toilet requirement can increase significantly. In some different cases, oppositely you can suffer from constipation.

Psychological Changes

All hormonal changes that we mentioned above also affect mother’s psychological situation. Pregnant women can feel sudden changes on their mood. They can easily become angry, and suddenly then can turn into emotional or happy. These situations are normal for pregnant women.

Above mentioned signs or symptoms of pregnancy are rendered as common symptoms. You can feel different experience other than mentioned symptoms.

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