Second Trimester

second trimester pregnancy weeks

The second trimester pregnancy weeks is between 14th  and 26th weeks of pregnancy. It is in the middle of pregnancy period. In the second trimester pregnancy weeks tests are decreased and focus is turned to the development of the baby. Shortly, the mother begins to relax in terms of pregnancy sicknesses and turns her attention to her baby.

In this second trimester pregnancy weeks, baby grows continuously. Because of that, physical signs of this growth begin to emerge. As a sign of growth, the mother gets weight and her belly grows. You have also learned the gender of the baby in second pregnancy.

Shortly, from now on mother have finished her health checks and all attention has given to the baby. In this second trimester pregnancy weeks the growth of the baby is closely monitored weekly.

Also in the second trimester, ultrasound checks have been continued in monthly bases. The baby can be more energic in that period. You can see face, arms, hands, legs, feet, and body of the baby easily in ultrasound vision.

You can learn the gender of your baby in this period. Usually, at the end of the 16th week, the gender of the baby can be learned definitely.

Triple Test

In the second trimester pregnancy weeks, the mother takes Triple Test. In this test the blood of mother again tested. Like in Double Test, in the Triple Test doctors try to find the risk of Down Syndrome. According to some doctors, if the percentage of Down Syndrome in Double Test is low, there is no need to take the Triple Test. But for some others, it is necessary to take the Triple Test regardless of the results of the Double Test. One certain thing is a mother and the doctor should decide if they should need Triple Test or not.

20th week of Second Trimester is the middle of pregnancy. The mother begins to feel his baby more often. The baby is very energetic and his all systems are working now on. Also at the last part of the second trimester, the baby begins to hear outside voices.

After the second trimester, the mother should prepare herself to keep her baby. She should lower her movements, decrease the standing duration and avoid dangerous situations.

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