Puerperal Period


Puerperal Period

Puerperal Period is the first six weeks after birth. It is approximately 40 days. In this time frame, medical controls continue. If the delivery type is caesarean, stitches of the mother have to be removed in that period. Also, the baby should be brought back to the hospital in a week later for his first controls.

What happens to the mother in that Puerperal Period?

In Puerperal Period the mother suffers from leucorrhoea. The leucorrhoea can be red at first. But then it turns to yellow and eventually to white. Usually, it ends within one week.

The womb gets smaller day by day. After two weeks the mother cannot feel it from outside of belly. The mother starts to produce milk. It is low at first but later on, it continues to increase as the baby continue to suck.

The mother slowly gives the fat that she got throughout pregnancy. The shape of the body begins to turn to normal. The edema begins to decrease and other problems that related to pregnancy diminishes.

Common Problems in Puerperal Period

The nipple cracks are the common problem in that period. The mother has to be careful about breast care. In addition to this, although it is rare, bleeding can occur after birth. If it continues so long, the mother has to go to the doctor immediately.

Urine infection is also a problem the mother can suffer after birth. In this situation, the mother can feel pain while urinating.

Other that these problems also, the endometritis can be seen after birth. The endometritis is the infection of the womb. This infection is very rare but if the mother gets this infection, antibiotic treatment is necessary to recover.

The depression of the mother is also rarely seen the problem. In this condition, the mother cries often. It happens because of hormonal changes after birth. The depression recovers after a while by itself. It is important to support the mother in that period.

The mother can feel pain because of stitches for some time. Usually, it ends in 10 days.

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