Pregnancy Edema (Pregnancy Feet Swelling)

pregnancy feet swelling

Pregnancy edema or pregnancy feet swelling are one of the most common pregnancy problems that pregnant women suffer. Basically, edema is defined as a problem of keeping much water in the body of pregnant women.  Although it can differ from women to women usually most of the women feel edema in their feet and ankles. The edema is not detectable in the first period of the pregnancy. But later on, it can turn mother’s life into discomfort.

The Reasons for Pregnancy Feet Swelling

When a woman conceive her body begin to change both internally and externally. The basic internal change is the requirement for additional blood. Because of that as a reflexive move, the body tries to keep more water instead of lack of blood. Also, the body of pregnant mothers creates %40 more blood circulation. This excessive blood circulation affects some part of the capillary and develops some cracks inside the tissue.  As a result, these damaged tissues also turns into edemas.

The pregnancy feet swelling can be seen mostly on the overweight pregnant women or the women who get weight very rapid way. If a pregnant woman is not overweight and her weight gaining is normal then it is probable that she would not suffer from edema.

The Symptoms of Pregnancy Feet Swelling

The primary symptom of edema is the swelling of feet, ankles, and hands. In some cases, it can affect face also. Some women see swell on their faces. According to some pregnant women, they report that feeling swell on their face, eyes, lip, and nose.

Generally, edema can only cause discomfort for the mothers. It is not a painful symptom for the mother. But especially pregnancy feet swelling can affect shoe chose. Previously used shoes can not be suitable anymore. In some cases, the number of the shoe can increase up to 3 number.

These changes affect mother’s daily life very much. If her hands also swell her rings or bracelets can not fit anymore.

What Should You Do to Avoid Pregnancy Edema?

First of all, you have to relax. You have to relax your blood circulation. If you sit continuously on sitting position your edema can be increased. So you have to relax and lie down as much as possible. You can use some pillows, cushions or massage.

Secondly, you have to consume foods that help to decrease edema.  Some of these foods are yogurt, pineapple, pomegranate, and kiwi. You can consume yogurt as probiotic.  Also, pineapple is really beneficial for getting rid of edema. In addition to this sufficient protein intake is necessary throughout pregnancy period. If you don’t get enough protein, it also triggers edema. You can use pregnancy friendly supplements if necessary.

If you pay attention to your daily activities and nutrition, you can avoid from Pregnancy Edema. Usually, it is not so severe, but if you feel very uncomfortable, please see your doctor immediately.

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