How to Increase the Breast Milk Production?

how to increase the breast milk production

The mother milk is so precious and beneficial for the newborn baby. Because of that, every mother has to search for how to increase the breast milk production even before the delivery. Also, every mother has to finish some helpful preparations during pregnancy. In this post, you will find necessary steps that need to be done to increase mother milk during pregnancy or after delivery.

Why is the Breast Milk so Important?

The breast milk or the mother milk so important because it has lots of benefits for baby and as well as the mother. For example, the mother milk is the only nutrition that covers all baby’s needs. You cannot get the same benefit from formulas. Basically, mother milk helps to improve the baby’s immune system and support the development of brain and bone structure. Also, mother milk helps the mother to lose weight easily and protects the mother from different kinds of illnesses like osteolysis and polycystic ovary syndrome. To learn the benefits of nursing for the mothers, baby and family please follow the link.

Some Facts About Breast Milk

First of all, the breast milk is the most wonderful gift from mother to baby. As a gift of God, it is very rare that a mother’s milk is not enough for the baby. I mean a mother always has the necessary amount of milk inside her breasts.  If a mother facing a problem about milk amount that’s mean the problem is the lack of knowledge about how to increase the breast milk production. As I said before the mother milk is the most nutritious milk. You cannot replace it with any food, milk or formula.

How to Increase the Breast Milk Production?

» Mother have to breastfeed her baby in one hour after the delivery.

» The quality of the milk is related to the water intake, so the mother has to consume at least 3 lt water every day.

» As a supportive, the mother can also consume fruit juices, milk, and herbal teas.

» The mother should keep breastfeeding her baby if the baby wants.  Keep trying to breastfeed helps to increase mother milk. Usually, the newborns want to be breastfed 9-10 times a day. But it slowly decreases while the baby grows up.

» If there is no doctor recommend it is better not to give formula or cow milk to baby for 6 months. Otherwise, it affects the baby’s breastfeeding desire.

» Baby bottle should not be used for feeding. Because using baby bottle is easy and baby always chose that option instead of breastfeeding. So if baby doesn’t suck then after a while mother begins to lose her milk production.

» Night breastfeeding is also beneficial in terms of milk production. Mother has to breastfeed the baby in the night at least for 3 months.

» The mother has to prepare herself for the breastfeeding in terms of knowledge and physiology.

» The mother should breastfeed her baby around 20 to 30 minutes for each session.

» Stress and anxiety is the devil to the milk production. The mother should avoid them and try to find ways to relax her, especially in that critical 3 months period.

» Avoiding from exhaustion and trying to keep sleep balance have positive effects on milk production.

» Some forms of supplementary foods can trigger the body for milk production. These foods:

♦ caraway

♦ fennel tea

♦ dill

♦ parsley

♦ arugula

♦ black sesame

♦ basil

♦ spices

♦ wheat

♦ garlic

» In addition to that, protein-rich legumes, fish, red and white meat, honey, molasses, and egg should be consumed regularly.

How to Increase the Breast Milk Production with Breast Pump?

Another effective way to increase milk production is to use the breast pump. There are a lot of forms of the breast pump in the market now. Manuel or electric breast pumps creates a nursing effect on the mother’s body and prompts it to produce more milk.

The most effective use of breast pump would be to use it at the intervals of normal breastfeedings. You can store that milk and give it to the baby later.

The mother should think the breastfeed pump as an essential for the baby and should buy or rent one before the delivery. For buying option, the Medela is a good mark and provides different options in terms of quality and price. You can check some products and prices from this link.

How to Increase the Breast Milk Production with Special Products?

Also, you can use some special products like teas or powder drinks to increase milk production. As a tea, I can give Mother’s Milk Tea as an example. It is proven and recommended by the doctors. Besides the recommendations above, you can drink Mother’s Milk Tea regularly.

There are lots of products available in the market. You can check some of them by using the link.

So as a conclusion, there is no worry about the milk. The mothers have all the equipment on their body to create breast milk. Also, a lot of products ready to use to bolster your milk production.  Just a little hard working after the delivery will help you to force your milk production.

If you have any additional info or comment about how to increase the breast milk production topic please use the comment section below.