What is the Importance of Breastfeeding?

What is the Importance of Breastfeeding

What is the Importance of Breastfeeding? I am sure every mother know that the breastfeeding is very beneficial. The breastfeeding has lots of benefits for mother and as well as the baby. In this post, I am going to focus on the benefits of breastfeeding separately for the mother, for the baby, and for the family.

Mother Milk Producing Process

Basically, the breastfeeding is feeding the baby with the mother’s milk that is produced immediately after the delivery. After delivery, two hormones begin to be released in the mother’s body. These two hormones Prolactin and Oxytocin have the primary responsibility for the production of nursery milk. Of these hormones, Prolactin is responsible for producing milk and Oxytocin is responsible for discharging produced milk from breasts.

In fact, from the start of the pregnancy, some form of hormones prepares mother’s body for milk production in advance. For example, in that period the breasts of mother begin to change. The nipples, the brown surrounding space, and the veins become more clear and visible.  This process is the development of milk glands and milk canals.

During the last 3 months of the pregnancy protein rich colostrum begins to produce. The colostrum is the first milk of the mother and it is very nutritious. The color of colostrum is more like yellowish and it begins to discharge immediately after delivery.

The mothers who delivered with the normal delivery method is lucky in terms of milk production. Because normal delivery helps the oxytocin hormone to be released early.  But in the cesarean delivery method, if the labor didn’t start previously, milk production and discharge could take some time. It takes usually 3 to 5 days to come. Because of that, the most important thing to do for the mothers who delivered with the cesarean method is to keep nursing continuously. Continues nursing helps production of milk. Also, night nursery is very beneficial. Nursing in the night in the dark room helps to increase prolactin hormone so the milk production.

What is the Importance of the Mother Milk?

Before answering the question ”What is the Importance of Breastfeeding?” It would be wise to understand ”What is the Importance of the Mother Milk?”. First of all the mother milk is sterile, warm and ready to use immediately. As a gift of God, every mother produces milk for the requirement of her own baby.  For example, if your baby is born as low-weight or premature then your milk’s ingredients will be adjusted accordingly.

The mother can transfer all her immune system to previous illness to the baby via mother milk. Ready formulas can be nutritious but they are far away from immune requirements if you compare with mother milk.

Another very important factor is that while the mother nursing, she and her baby create a strong relationship with eyes and skin connection. This connection helps to develop mother-baby relation for their future life.

What is the Importance of Breastfeeding?

Basically, we can divide the benefits of nursing into three categories. The breastfeeding has different benefits for mothers, babies and the families.

Benefits of Nursing for the Mothers

* Nursing mothers feel self-confidence and satisfaction in terms of motherhood.

* The chance of cancer types like ovary, breast, and uterus decreases.

* Risk of osteolysis and polycystic ovary syndrome decreases.

* Unregular menstrual bleeding risk decreases.

* It helps womb to turn its previous shape quickly.

* Losing weight is more effective and easy.

* Nursing is a kind of natural contraception method.

* It has a natural tranquilizer effect for the mother.

Benefits of Nursing for the Baby

* Because every mother produces milk according to her baby’s requirement, it is natural best fit nutrition for baby.

* The baby creates a natural emotional and spiritual link with her mother by nursing.

* Nursing supports baby’s immune system to the lots of different illnesses.

* It decreases teeth and jaw structure problem risk.

* Nursing helps baby to create hand-eye coordination quickly.

* Baby can digest the mother milk more easily.

Benefits of Nursing for the Family

* There is no price for mother milk.

* It is always ready, sterile and warm.

* It supports 6 months of baby’s nutrition requirement.

Tips for Quality Nursing

* Mother’s eager for nursing.

* Balanced and the suitable diet.

* Enough water intake.

* Allocating enough resting time for the mother.

* Mother’s relax mood against breastfeeding.

* Nursing very often.

As you can see the nursing a baby or breastfeeding is really important for the mother and for the baby. Because of that mother have to prepare herself psychologically about breastfeeding during pregnancy. Keeping the focus on nursing is crucial after delivery.  Couldn’t see milk after delivery must not discourage you. As all the doctors agree although it takes some time for some mother eventually milk always come and usually the milk is enough for the baby. Just being patient and keep trying is the secret key.

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