First Trimester

first trimester

First trimester pregnancy weeks is first three months of pregnancy. It captures first 12 weeks of total 40 weeks pregnancy. In the first trimester pregnancy weeks period, a lot of tests have to be conducted by doctors. These tests include blood tests and ultrasonic tests. In this period, first weeks vaginal and subsequent weeks abdominal ultrasound tests are very frequent.

The aim of these test to check womb walls. Because for healthy pregnancy womb walls should be thickened at this period. The thick womb is necessary for the baby to stick to womb and protection against outside effects.

On the fifth week of the first trimester pregnancy weeks baby’s umbilical cord, eyelids, eyes, ears, mouth, nose, arms, and legs begin to appear.

In the first trimester, because of increased hormone levels, some rapid emotional can be seen. Carving for food frequently, tiredness, sensibility to odor, the enlargement of breasts are symptoms of first trimester period. In this period the baby is approximately 5 to 6 cm.

After six months heart beats of the baby should be heard. In addition to that Beta HCG hormone and prolactin should be increased in pregnant woman’s blood.

Double Test

One of the most important tests in the first trimester pregnancy weeks is the double test (11-14 test).  This test must be conducted between 11-14 weeks. The double test searches the down syndrome probability of your baby. It is a kind of blood test.

The double test consists of mother’s blood test and ultrasonic calculation of neck wide of the baby. Eventually, these two data incorporated in a special formula and a down syndrome probability level reaches.

Although this test is not %100 correct, it gives a quite good idea about down syndrome probability.

The first trimester pregnancy weeks is the busiest trimester in terms of tests. But it is much easier when it compares with other trimesters. Shortly mother tries to adapt herself to pregnancy and changes previous life tempo in this trimester.

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