Constipation Problem During Pregnancy

pregnancy constipation relief

The constipation problem during pregnancy is one of the common problems during pregnancy. The frequency and the discomfort making constipation nightmare for the mothers. As a roughly guess, almost half of pregnant mothers suffers from somehow constipation. Although it seems to bother the pregnant women there are also some ways for pregnancy constipation relief.

What is Constipation?

Generally, the constipation is defined as having a delay problem with the period of defecation. In that period the stool can be stiff and small when you compare it to your previous life. Unable to defecate properly can make pregnant woman uneasy, tense and feel the swelling.

Reasons for Constipation During Pregnancy

The primary reason for suffering constipation in pregnancy process is the enlargements of the fetus. While your baby grows your uterus enlarges accordingly. As a conclusion, it suppresses over intestines and triggers constipation.

In addition to that, throughout pregnancy period, because of hormonal changes, intestine movements can slow down. In this situation foods that you eat spends to much time in your intestines. As a result, the water in foods being absorbed overly by intestines. So the stiffness of the food remnant increases.

Beside that consuming inadequate water also triggers constipation in pregnancy period. The water is very important throughout pregnancy. It is essential for the health of the baby as well as the mother. The mother should consume necessary water intake in time.

The lack of movement of the mother is also another reason for constipation. The pregnant mother has to be active in terms of movement. She has to keep a stern exercise program. At least she has to practice planned walking hours for the health of herself and her baby.

Also, using medication during pregnancy may cause constipation. Some form of medications can have side effects which eventually increase constipation probability. In that frame, if it is not necessary, you should avoid from using this kind of medicines. The best way to use medication is to ask a doctor about its side effects before using it. Sometimes using an unnecessary supplementary medicine can make chain effect on your metabolism and later on you can find yourself in a situation that using different kinds of medicines to fix appeared side effects.

What are the Pregnancy Constipation Relief Precautions?

In order to avoid constipation or pregnancy constipation relief during pregnancy:

– First of all, you have to consume at least 1.5 to 2-liter water every day. You can additionally drink herbal teas, fruit juices, and soups.

– You have to avoid drinks like coke and coffee during pregnancy period. Because these kinds of drinks increase the constipation probability.

– Consuming plenty of grain, fruits, yogurt and vegetables helps you to continue your daily life in harmony.

– You have to pay special attention to your daily meals. Missing a meal can also damage your metabolism balance.

– Herbal teas also have some positive effects on the digestive system. So you can consume them regularly to relax your digestive system.

– Apart from eating or drinking, the exercise is also an important part of proper metabolism and the digestive system. The pregnant women have to exercise or walk daily and properly.


The constipation problem during pregnancy is an important problem. You should not neglect it. Because if you neglect it, you may suffer from anal fissure, hemorrhoid or rectal illness in the near future. If you applied all above-mentioned recommendations and still suffering from constipation, I strongly recommend you to consult a doctor immediately. I wish you a healthy pregnancy.

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