Common Discomforts in Pregnancy

common discomforts in pregnancy

Common Discomforts in Pregnancy

Especially at the beginning period of the pregnancy, the mother can feel a lot of common pregnancy problems. These problems can cause discomfort for the mother. In that period the mother has to learn common discomforts in pregnancy and be patient and should follow some recommendations to alleviate these problems.


Nausea is the basic and common problems that pregnant women suffer a lot. Usually, it ends in the second half of pregnancy period. Most of the time nausea is not the sign of a problem. But if it continues it is better to consult a doctor. For a morning sickness handbook Click Here!


Pregnancy hormones can cause heartburn. In order to avoid heartburn, the pregnant mother can choose light diets. Some herbal drinks also may alleviate heartburn. If it continues or gets worse doctor recommended and pregnant friendly medicinescan be used.


The constipation is also another common problem in pregnancy period. The pregnancy hormones relax digestive system and enlarging womb can suppress intestines in that period. All these changes increase constipation risk in the forthcoming days. In order to solve constipation problem, the mother should follow subsequent recommendations.

Most effective method to avoid constipation is to follow a diet system. Taking enough water is a key factor. In addition to that, consuming fruits and vegetables will alleviate constipation problem.

Also, whole-wheat foods have to be preferred. You can also increase meal times by eating small amounts in every meal.

Light exercise or walking is another effective way of solving constipation problem. By increasing metabolism rate they help to relax digestive system.


In pregnancy period the mother can feel dizziness. Especially when she gets up from sitting or lying position to standing up position dizziness can affect her.  This is normal and best way to solve dizziness is moving slowly. When you get up and feel dizziness just sit down and wait for a little to feel better again. If you lose your conscience inform your doctor about that.

Breasts Problems

The most common discomfort type of breasts is increased susceptibility at the beginning of pregnancy. It usually ends in the second period of the pregnancy. In addition to susceptibility also, another discomfort type is enlarged breasts. The mother should consider changing her bra to avoid discomfort.

Emotional Changes

Sudden emotional changes are also common in pregnancy period. The mother can feel very happy and suddenly she gets into depressing. This is normal because a lot of things are changing in her body in terms of hormonal balance. The mother should aware of that and doesn’t have to stick her mind in somewhere. Dealing with exercise, yoga, meeting with her friends and taking walk around can help relaxing.

Some Recommending Products Helps Alleviate Discomfort

Common discomforts in pregnancy are not same for every pregnant. Some pregnant women may suffer from all of them, but some other may not. Below you can find some products that can help you for these common problems. I already use some of them and got benefits. I wish you a pregnancy without any problem.

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