Giving Birth

 child birthing methods


Giving birth is a miraculous event. After the delivery process, a new life begins its life. The sweet ordeal of mother ends and mother gets her price after 9 months 10 days. Basically, there are three child birthing methods. These are natural, caesarean and water birth. Selecting the right delivery type changes according to mother and baby condition. You can find some basic explanations about these three delivery options below.

Child Birthing Methods

* Natural Delivery

Natural delivery is a physiological way of giving birth amongst the child birthing methods. Mother gives birth to a baby in the normal way.  It happens around 38-42 weeks of pregnancy. Normally the body of the woman is available for normal birth. But sometimes it cannot be implementable because of unexpected conditions.


– It is physiological and the body ready for the end of the process.

– The mother is awake and can see her baby immediately after the birth.

– The mother can turn to routine life in a short time.


– The process is more painful and tough.

– Birth duration is relatively long.

– In extreme conditions, baby can get harm throughout birth canal.

* Caesarean Delivery

The caesarean birth method is another way amongst the child birthing methods. If the natural birth is not available the caesarean birth method is implemented. In the normal delivery, if there is a risk for mother or baby the caesarean method is inevitable.

Sometimes if a normal delivery process cannot continue healthy, the process can turn to caesarean immediately. The caesarean is a surgical operation, so it carries its own risks.


– It is painless.

– It is relatively safe for baby.


– Anesthesia is a requirement.

– It is a surgical operation.

– It keeps surgical operation risks including infection.

– Staying in hospital duration is long.

– Recovering duration is long.

* Water Birth

The water birth is the last delivery type amongst child birthing methods. In Water Birth method, the mother gives birth in a warm water filled pool. For water birth method, doctors must approve availability for the water birth. This birth method is quite new.


– Warm water relaxes mother.

– No medicine uses.


– There is no specific disadvantage yet.

– It carries normal birth disadvantages.

As a conclusion, there are three different child birthing methods and every mother is different and every pregnancy process is also different. Doctors check every aspect of mother and child. Deciding delivery method is the decision of doctors. Pregnancy process is difficult. The mother spends about 9 months out of its routine. So, in order to end it happily, utmost importance required.

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