How to Breastfeeding the Baby?

How to Breastfeeding the Baby

In my previous posts, I have tried to explain the importance of breastfeeding and ways to increase breastmilk production. The focus on this post will be on how to breastfeeding the baby correctly.

How to Breastfeeding the Baby?

In order to make it clear I will divide breastfeeding period in three part. These will be first 24 hours, second 24 hours and third 24 hours. This partition is necessary because each of the time periods requires different attention. Now let’s keep going with first 24 hours.

First 24 Hours

In that time period, the most important thing is to breastfeed your baby every 2-3 hours. If your baby is sleeping and his last breastfeed was before 3 hours then you should wake him up and breastfeed. Also, some signs of the baby like sucking his hand can show the requirement for breastfeeding.

In this 24 hours, the mother should target at least 4 good quality breastfeed. Each should include at least of 5 minutes sucking. Also one or more urine and stool expected for the first 24 hours.

If you cannot wake the baby up for the breastfeeding unwrapping, undressing, changing the diaper, rubbing back of the baby, tickling the feet or applying wet handkerchief on the body can help to solve the problem. You have to always remember that for the first 24 hours practice and patience are required. If the baby is very sleepy for 12-18 hours after birth, you have to inform the doctors about it.

The first 24-hour breastfeeding process is a learning period for the baby and the mother. You have to try your best. But sometimes because of the delivery method, the milk production can take some time. For example, after the cesarean delivery, the mother can produce the satisfactury amount of milk after 3-5 days. Because of that a necessary amount of baby formula can be allowed to use. Either way, the mother still have to do her best in terms of breastfeeding. According to some studies if the mother chose to give baby formula mainly in that critical 24 hours, then the baby would not prefer the breastmilk anymore. So the amount of the baby formula should not exceed 10-15cc for the first 24 hours.

When you are in the hospital the nurses or the lactation consultants will help you for your questions or concerns. You have to ask every issue related to how to breastfeeding the baby. Because this 24 hour is the most critical part of your rest of the breastfeeding journey.

Second 24 Hours

The basic rules also will be the same for this time period. You have to breastfeed the baby for 2-3 hours of intervals. 6 or more time quality breastfeeding with each include 10-20 minutes sucking time can be satisfactory. You expect 2 or more urine and stool for 24-48 hours period.

For the waking up baby you should keep doing the tactics mentioned under the First 24 Hours. If the milk amount still is not satisfactory you can keep supplement with baby formula as mentioned amount above.

Third 24 Hours

For the third 24 hours period, 8 or more times breastfeeding is expected. These each breastfeeding should include 10-20 minutes of sucking time. 6 or more urine or 3 or more stool is good in that third 24 hours time limit.

Usually, after that day the milk will be increased. The primary indicator of getting enough milk is the change of the color of the baby’s stool. When the milk intake increases the stool turns from dark to yellow.

From the third day on, you can get supplementary foods for milk production increase. You can check tips for milk production. Also using breast pump can be wise to shorten the milk production wait time. Using the breast pump is not dangerous and the mother can use the pump between the breastfeeding intervals. The pump also can help the mother to store her own milk for different purpose like situations that not allow the mother to breastfeed directly. You can buy or rent breastfeed pumps from market, hospitals or lactation stores.

Another important thing for the first days is the mothers can feel that their milk is not satisfactory. Usually, the mother begins to breastfeed her baby, but the baby sleeps while sucking. Then she puts the baby into the crib. The baby then starts crying and rolling. Then the mother takes the baby for breastmilk again and the same scenario repeats again. This is not because of the mother’s low milk production. This is because of the baby’s previous expectation. Before birth, the baby was inside the womb. So the baby was hearing her mother’s heartbeat and was feeling her. After birth, the baby feels herself most comfortable while breastfeeing, because this place is the closest place to her previous home. So this behavior is very common amongst the babies and the mother should not take this as a negative sign.

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