Body Pillows for Pregnant Women

body pillows for pregnant women

Body pillows for pregnant women are one of the essential requirement of a pregnant mother. While belly of the pregnant mother slowly enlarges, her discomfort level increases parallelly. Especially the second half of the pregnancy can be a nightmare for the mother. Most of the time she cannot take a quality sleep. She always feels neck and back pain. In order to avoid these problem best way is to use special designed pregnant pillows.

What is Body Pillows for Pregnant Women?

Body pillows for pregnant women are special aerodynamically designed pillows. With its special design, it supports the neck, back, and belly.  The main purpose of the pillow is to support the right sleeping position for pregnant women.  Usually its shape like ”U” or ”C” shape. It is widely used by pregnant women and liked very much.

What should you Consider Before Buying Body Pillows for Pregnant Women?

– First of all the pillow have to be cotton.  Because the cotton pillow is much healthier for human and it helps to protect skin.

– Secondly, the cover has to be pulled out easily for washing. Some products have zipper mechanism that helps washing.

– Third, the sponge material has to be in good quality. It can be shaped according to the body of the mother.

Assessments about Pregnant Pillow

Most of the pregnant women report that they feel very comfortable after using the pregnant pillow. Also, the doctors recommend using it throughout pregnancy.

According to research, the most comfortable sleeping position for pregnant woman decided as lying sides and putting pillows between the legs, under the belly and the back. So the pregnant pillows provide that requirement.

Also, you can use pregnant cushion after pregnancy as sleep cushion or breastfeeding cushion.

Recommends for Body Pillows for Pregnant Women

As a pregnant woman, I am using PharMeDoc Total Body Pillow right now. I am very satisfied with this cushion.  Its quality and ergonomic design decreasing my pregnancy discomfort.

Also, PharMeDoc Total Body Pillow is relatively cheaper but perfect pillow. It is %100 cotton. In addition to that, the pillow has zipper removal feature that enables easy washing.

Besides that, it is ”C” shaped and this makes the pillow to surround your body while you are sleeping. Literally, the cushion supports all sides of your body. The cushion is 7 pounds in weight and the thing I most like it is %100 satisfaction guaranteed.

Dear pregnant women if you don’t have the pregnant pillow, I strongly recommend you to buy one. Trust me you will be happy.

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