Prenatal Care

benefits of prenatal care

The health care that you get throughout your pregnancy is called as Prenatal Care. There are lots of benefits of prenatal care throughout pregnancy.

When you first learn that you are pregnant, you should consult a doctor for your and your baby’s health.

It is important to take an early prenatal care in order to gain benefits of prenatal care. After a couple of tests, your doctor will schedule you different visits throughout your pregnancy. These visits are so important in terms of the health of mother and baby and should be given attention.

Benefits of Prenatal Care

According to researchers, pregnant women who don’t get prenatal care are three times more likely to have low birth weight and five times more likely to die.

So, if a doctor sees pregnant women regularly, it is more likely to spot problems early. This early diagnose can give time for taking necessary actions.

Also, doctors can be able to know the patient pregnant woman at this period and can give guidance more easily.

How frequently should I visit the doctor during pregnancy?

Although it changes according to your unique situation, usually you should see a doctor:

– For weeks 4 to 28 once a month,

– For weeks 28 to 36 twice a month,

– For weeks 36 to birth weekly.

As I said before these visits can change depending on your unique situation and your test results. For example, if you are older than 35 or if you have a pregnancy risk factor then most probably you will see the doctor more often.

What will happen at your prenatal visit?

At your first visit, some information about you or your family will be recorded by the doctor. Prior pregnancies, operations, chronic diseases and family health history.

Also, some exams and tests like complete physical and pelvic exam, blood, urine, and Pap test will be implemented. Checking blood pressure, recording height and weight also part of the first prenatal visit.

The first prenatal visit could be quite long, but later visits will be much shorter. Subsequent visits will include only checking blood pressure, measuring weight gain, measuring baby’s growth and checking the baby’s heart rate.

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