How to Avoid Stretch Marks During Pregnancy?

avoid stretch marks during pregnancy

The belly cracks or stretch marks in pregnancy occur because of the enlargement of the belly. Usually, it is not a continues problem. After the birth, belly decreases back to its normal shape slowly and most of the time you can not see any trace of crack or see very little cracks. In some extreme cases, belly cracks can be seen visible in a long time. I this post I am going to focus on how to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy topic.

Where can the cracks or marks be seen commonly?

The belly cracks mostly seen around the belly. It usually develops the downside of the belly.  Other than belly, the cracks also can be seen on hips, breasts or arms. Because most of the body can be affected it would be wise to find a solution to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy.

What is the physical shape of the crack or mark?

The physical shape of crack is like a small and shallow collapse of skin. The color of the belly cracks changes according to the skin color of the mother. Basically, it can be pink or silver color.

When do the cracks begin?

Generally, belly cracks begin to happen at the 12th weeks of the pregnancy. In multiple pregnancies, the probability of the belly cracks is more likely. Shortly, cracks are related to skin type and the belly enlargement situation.

Reasons for Cracks or Stretch Marks

The primary reason for belly crack is the type of the skin of mother. If the mother has sensitive skin, she can suffer from belly crack. If the mother has more enduring or flexible skin type, she would not encounter any belly cracks throughout her pregnancy. But either in two situations, it is highly recommended to use moisturizing creams and almond oil in advance.

In addition to this, if the mother has light skin, or if the mother gets more weight throughout pregnancy the early belly crack risks increases.

Besides that, water intake is so important in pregnancy process. The water increases the flexibility of the skin. If the mother doesn’t drink enough water her skin can lose flexibility and that increases cracks.  In order to avoid that mother have to drink enough water throughout pregnancy.

The genetic history also important for belly cracks. If the mother’s mother or sister’s had suffered from belly cracks in their pregnancy, most probably the mother will suffer it. Unless she takes necessary precautions to avoid cracks.

How to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy?

Despite all the precautions the belly cracks can occur anyway. In that, situation,  after pregnancy recovery process is quite long. But no need to worry, because the mother can use different herbal solutions, creams or surgical options in order to shorten the fixing the cracks.

So, first of all, the mother should regularly use moisturizing creams, baby oil or almond oil regularly to keep belly skin flexible.

Secondly, the mother should give importance to her diet and should intake enough water to keep her water balance.

Third, the mother should pay attention not to irritate her belly skin and should message her belly to improve blood circulation.

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