About Me

Hello to everyone,

I have created this website and dedicated it to the Pregnant Women. As a mother of 5 years old lady and a pregnant woman, I have decided to share my knowledge and experience with the pregnant women all around the world.

My overall aim is to make this site trustworthy in terms of pregnant topics and newborn babies. I feel lucky because I will use my pregnancy as a prompter for search pregnancy and newborn baby topics. Also, I believe whole heartily that all pregnant women will contribute my searches and posts with their valuable comments. Because only a pregnant woman can understand a pregnant woman.

My Moto for this site is ”Keep Smiling”. Although I know that especially in the beginning of pregnancy smiling can be difficult. But don’t worry, I hope some valuable offers will relax you in that difficult journey. Also, the interaction between us will bolster our level of comfort.

So basically you will follow a line starting from your pregnancy to till putting everything into their way for your baby. Your comments or information will be very valuable for me to develop this site. Please use support@happypregnantwomen.com or social media links for all your support.

Thank you for your support in advance.